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Do I need Keyparc if I already have anti virus, anti spyware and client firewall installed?
Yes. Whenever you have personal or business secrets in your files, you want them to be hidden. You need Keyparc.
I do not have Google, Yahoo, nor Windows Live ID, can I use Keyparc?
Yes. Simply sign up a Keyparc account.
Is Keyparc for commercial use?
Keyparc is only for non-commercial use. For commercial use, please refer to Keyparc Business.
If I change my Google, Yahoo, Windows Live password, how am I going to sign on Keyparc?
Simply sign on with your latest password. Keyparc does not need your domain password for authentication, Keyparc service has the intelligence to communicate with your domain service to validate your identity and ensure you are correctly signed on.
Does Keyparc capture my Google, Yahoo and/or Windows Live password?
No, Keyparc does not need to get hold of your password to sign you on. Instead, your identity is authenticated by your ID provider and Keyparc Server is told if you are a valid user for the domain, then you are signed on to Keyparc.
I configured my Keyparc Drive as K:, do you recommend I do regular backup of my files on K:?
No. Keyparc drive is meant to store your secrets, you want your backup the same level of privacy as on disk. You are advised to backup from the actual storage area, e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Keyparc Secure Storage.
Can Keyparc secure files on my USB drive or NAS?
Yes. Simply configure the actual storage location to the path where your storage device is at.