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What is Keyparc


Free Encryption for Everyone

Keyparc is a software protecting privacy of your secret files.

Release Date: Jan 1, 2010


Release Date: Jan 1, 2010


Release Date: Jan 1, 2010

It is free

Keyparc is free.

It just works

Keyparc works on most computers - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Keyparc enables you to work with your secret files as-if they are in plain. You do not need to change your current workflow nor learn to use it. Access your sensitive files in Keyparc drive as-if it is a normal drive.

Keyparc secures all file types and supports all languages.

Keyparc protected files are portable amongst platforms.

It is secure

Equipped with advanced and industry-proven encryption cipher algorithms.

Your identity

Register a Keyparc ID or sign on Keyparc with your Google ID, Yahoo! ID or Windows Live ID.

Your key

Your key is securely parked at Keyparc Server. Unlike traditional file protection tools where encryption key is physically stored together with the files protected, loss of Keyparc protected computer or disk means only loss of these physical assets, your confidential data remain private and secure.